About Dove's Readings

Dove has developed a straightforward no-nonsense tarot reading method that saves you time and money. She will tell you exactly what the cards have to say because you deserve to know the messages that are being received for you. If you didn’t want to know, in her opinion, you wouldn’t have asked. She will connect with your guides, angels, deity, and the universe to get you the answers you seek. She uses a variety of mediums depending on the type of help you’re seeking. You can determine together if there is a particular method you’d prefer.


She can read a variety of fortune telling cards, as well as runes, astrological chars, in addition, she can directly channel the answers for you straight from your guides. She won’t tell you what she thinks you want to hear but will tell you the truth as the cards say it to be. If she has to tell you a hard truth she will break it to you gently and will work out what that truly means in your life in general. She will also support you through heartache and sorrow, and celebrate with you when you receive joyous news. She will be your advisor, your friend, and your support system. Message her today and see what your future holds.


You will receive a personal and deep experience with the divine. The reading will be done either via Skype, over the phone, through chat, or via email. You determine how long the reading will take and can ask as many or as few questions as you would like.

Dove takes these readings incredibly seriously. The cards are her connection to the divine and are her definition of a "holy book". This being said, no reading can ever take the place of the advice of a Medical Professional, Lawyer, or anything other than a priestess. Please make sure to consult someone in the field you need for your advice. These readings are for entertainment purposes only. To get the most out of your time with Dove readings about what you can do to improve your situation or about your spiritual path will give you the most agency going forward.

At the beginning of the reading, you will agree on the time that the clock starts and then you say when it stops. You can also set a time limit prior to the beginning of the reading if you want to make sure you stick to one.

If you live in the Seattle area, you can schedule an in-person reading if you prefer.

Private Readings Cost: $2.00/minute


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