Why do you charge $2/Minute instead of per card or per spread like most other readers?

Asked by child-priest.

The short answer is: I believe it is unethical to charge for magic. As per Laws 24 and 50 of The New Book of the Law as written by Lady Galadriel.

Law 24

" Never accept money for the use of the Power. It is sorcerors and charlatans who accept money for their spells and prayers. If you accept no money, you will be free from the temptation to use the Craft for evil or unworthy causes. "

Law 50

"If any Wiccan truly labors, then it is right that they should have their just pay. This is not considered the taking of money for the Art, but good and honest work. Yet if any Wiccan works willingly for the good of the Craft, or for their brothers and sisters without pay, then it is to their greatest honor. "

You aren't paying for my gift, so no matter what service you choose you will pay the same price. Which will allow you to easily choose different services in the same time and allows us to easily pick which services will best answers your questions.

I charge $2/minute because you're paying for my time. The added bonus is the flexibility it gives us in regards to our readings.

I hope that answers your question.

Dove LaVeau

P.S. Leave questions in the comments and I'll answer them in future blog posts

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