The Soulmate Question

It's almost February, so it's only natural that the number of questions about love, relationships, "The One", Twin Flames, and Soulmates has increased. I think it is important to share with you my philosophy on Soulmates/Twin Flames because it is important for you and your reader to be on the same page. Because my answers to your questions will be shaped by my understanding and definitions and unless we discuss your definition and ideas before hand I will go with my default.

Soulmate: A Soulmate is someone you decided between lives to be someone you need to learn something from and agreed at that time to make sure you have a relationship together. You are not limited to one soulmate, in fact everyone has many. You are not fated to marry your soulmate, and they may not be your only/last relationship.

Twin Flame: Your Twin Flame is the person who is you but in another body. They are the person who's soul vibrates at the same frequency as yours. Again, just because you're the same/similar energy does not mean you'll get married or be together forever. A lot of Twin Flames end up just being best friends.

"The One": A lot of people ask when they'll meet "The One". When I ask your guides or the cards what I'm asking is for you longest lasting relationship, or the relationship in which you will be happiest. I do not believe we are fated to only have one love. You are not limited to one great love in your lifetime. You may only experience one, but there are hundreds of opportunities open and available to you.

What does this mean to you this Valentine's Season? I hope it gives you hope. Know that you're surrounded by potential lovers, mates, and spouses every single day. The single most important person to love is yourself. You can only see love out in the world once you see and understand it in yourself.

That's why a lot of times, as soon as people get comfortable being alone, and being in their own skin. Happy with themselves, suddenly they're bombarded with requests for dates. It's because you must first find it within you before you can find it truly in others and before others can truly find it in you.

I'm currently running Love and Relationship Readings at 50% off between now and 3/1/2019. Hopefully you can take this opportunity to see what lessons you need to work on to be ready for love and to find out the timeline for when you'll meet you next partner.

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