Sample Email Reading

Ever wonder what a reading from me looks like? Here is an example.

Names have been changed to protect the privacy of the client.

How does Mary feel about Isaac?

The Empress -  You feel as though he would take care of you, treat you right and will help make sure you're comfortable and happy in the future. You see yourself having kids with this man and are seeing very far out into the future in terms of what you desire and need from him in a relationship.

How does Mary see Isaac?

3 of Pentacles - You see him as a sturdy foundation for the rest of your life. That you can trust this man to help you build a home and family.

What Lesson is Mary learning?

4 of Pentacles - You're trying to figure out what true harmony is. You have a lot of the spiritual and ephemeral things figured out but you have to discover how to interact with the physical world, and where exactly you fit in in terms of home, family, and prosperity. Even with your friends sometimes you feel out of place.

What are Mary's hidden desires (hidden from yourself)?

5 of Pentacles - You worry a lot, especially about whether or not you fit in and if you have enough. You're constantly stressed and secretly just want to figure out what it is that you need to do to finally feel comfortable and safe in this universe.

What are Mary's conscious desires?

Ace of Cups - You just want to find love. You want to love others with your entire being and be loved just as much in return.

How does Isaac feel about Mary?

The World - He thinks the world of you. He very much cares about you and loves to have you in his life.

How does Isaac see Mary?

Judgment - Despite his feelings of devotion there is a lot of animosity towards you at the moment. He feels as though you betrayed his trust in you and is very hurt about how things ended last time. He will probably end up struggling to reconcile with you because of his hurt.

What lesson is Isaac learning?

6 of Pentacles - He is learning what he needs in a family and what he loves about those in his life. He's feeling adrift and cut off from almost everyone and is trying to learn how to make those important connections. 

What are Isaac's hidden desires (hidden from himself)?

7 of Pentacles - He desperately wants to make deeper connections with those around him. When he figures out his lesson he will probably have an easier time reconnecting with you as well. It's hard to build a sturdy foundation when you feel cut off from everyone else around you. 

What are Isaac's conscious desires?

8 of Pentacles - He really just wants to forge connections with others and find what he has always seen as friendships he couldn't have. He is looking for those family connections as well. He doesn't want to feel adrift anymore and is desperately trying to fix things when really all his actions are doing is further isolating himself.

What binds Mary and Issac together?

The Sun - Ultimately what joins the two of you is joy, bliss, and happiness. The memories of when things were good will always be there and will always be in the back of your minds. It's because of this that there is a chance of the two of you coming together again. You'll have to focus on changing the negatives into positives in your relationship but it isn't a complete lost cause.

What is the current challenge in their relationship?

The Moon - There is a lot of hidden feelings and a lot of hurt and sorrow. The two of you will have to work to make sure that things are always upfront and at the surface, if you end up getting back together otherwise you'll run into the same issues.

What advice does the universe have for Mary for her relationship with Isaac?

9 of Pentacles - Trust that there is a wealth of friends and family around you there to support you. Try not to get to swept up in the negative and work on manifesting the reality you want to be a part of.

What will ultimately be the outcome of Mary and Isaac's relationship if neither learns their lesson?

The Sun, 8 of Wands, and The Chariot - You will end up trying the relationship again and will get back together. You'll find that you'll continue to run into the same issues because the problems in your relationship stem from your constant worry and his feeling isolated an alone. Neither of those things is conducive to a healthy and happy relationship. The ultimate outcome would be that you end up splitting up again with your paths diverging and having it be over for good at that point.

What will ultimately be the outcome of Mary and Issac's relationship if Mary learns her lesson but Isaac doesn't learn his?

Knight of Cups, The World, and Judgment - You will end up trying the relationship again and will get back together, and it will be good for a time. It will last a while and you a'll both be happy for a while. But he will always have that wall up and always feel distant and ultimately you will run into the exact same issue and outcome as you did this time.

What will ultimately be the outcome of Mary and Isaac's relationship if Isaac learns his lesson but Michelle doesn't learn hers?

 6 of Wands, The Empress, and 3 of Pentacles - When you get back together you will find that it is far more passionate than before, that you feel fulfilled in the relationship and are having all of your needs and desires met. You will end up building that home and family that you've always dreamed of.

What will ultimately be the outcome of Mary and Isaac's relationship if both Mary and Isaac learn their lessons?

Page of Cups, 9 of Cups, and 10 of Cups - You will get back together and you will truly both feel and see each other as soulmates. You will find great bliss and happiness. You will both be completely fulfilled and joyous and live out the rest of your lives together.


You both have lessons to learn and both think about each other often. You're future happiness and stability in the relationship is dependent on him learning his lesson but you'll find true fulfillment if you both learn your lessons. Don't lose hope it looks like there is a very good chance you'll get your happily ever after.

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