I told Tumblr to Ask Me Anything and decided to start a blog so the fun never has to stop.

Dove Fact #1: Dove's favorite drink of all time is Earl Grey tea with lots of sugar and half and half. She has a ridiculous collection of different types of Earl Grey (or similar to Earl Grey teas). She also has a superstition that if her tea is right in the morning, she will have a good day. Mug curtesy of Gaean Allusions Pottery (another thing Dove collects).

Welcome to my new blog, and a hearty welcome to my new website. It's a very exciting step to go from just Tumblr to also having a site of my own. But don't worry, Tumblr will stick around as a place for free readings.

In fact, I asked my Tumblr community to Ask Me Anything (AMA) and they had so many great questions, I knew I had to compile them somewhere. Not only that, I knew that by answering the first 30 questions, you my dear reader, will find that you also have questions.

So now I will always be available for questions and will have this blog to interface with you directly. Through this platform you will find out my history, my divination process, my reading style, my philosophy, my training, my ethics, and even some details of my day to day life if that is something you're interested in.

Bright Blessings,

Dove LaVeau

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